Thursday, December 16, 2010

Welcome to Dulu Designs!

Here it is, for weeks this has been building for me, and today I hope to be launching a new adventure, opening a door, and expanding my horizons.

Dulu Designs was born from one wired (not weird, wired) mama laying awake way to late one night trying to decide what she was going to do for party favors for her favorite 2 year old's birthday party. That night a spark was ignited as this was created.

Twenty four shirts later, I didn't want to quit. Thus you have Dulu Designs.

What's in the name you ask? Du and Lu were two of the most influential people in my life. My mom Du (Debbie) gave me the crafty, the persistence, the patience, and many other things that make me the mom and business woman I am. Lu (Lynda), my Aunt is the spunk, the sparkle, the glitz and glamour I love. Grand Diva as we call her makes me just a little bit funky! So that's Dulu Designs.

Take time to browse the pages of the website, and be sure to check the sale page to see my current deal. Happy creating!

Any questions... e-mail me at

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