Design Center

Below is a list of designs that can be added to any of the base pieces shown.  Embellishing are scaled to fit the size of the item (i.e. baby embellishing will be smaller than an adult embellishment unless special request is made).  Keep checking back for new designs, and check the home page for items that may not have made it to the design center yet!
ALSO:  I L.O.V.E. making new things. If you don't see what you want, contact me, and I will design something brand new for you for $10 extra!

Addie Bird  $20
4 button embellishments

Tink Hoot  $18
2 button embellishments

Winter Puppy $15

Izzy Tree $18
1 button embellishment (also have a star button)

Witch's Hat $15

Fire Hydrant $15

Birthday Candles $10 for the first candle, $3 each additional

Owen the Octopus (will create other letters)  $18

Rudolph Letter (will create any letter) $18

Fire Truck $20 (# is child's age)
K's Flower $15

Hook 'Em Horns $12

Santa Initial  $20
(this is a LARGE embellishment)

Frosty Friend  $15

Ghost Buster $18

Tattoo Heart $15
Tie Shirt $18
Squirt $20
Cheer Megaphone $15
Birthday Cupcake $20
Name $2 per letter
Kiss Me $23
Lucky $20
Russian Nesting Dolls $30
Multiple Button Embelishments

Irish Kiss $15

Dozer $15
Ev's Garden $30
Ladybug $20
 8 button embellishments

Star Initial (any letter) $16
1 button embellishment